SOLD - Sandbanks Ferry with Ford Popular circa 1956 Original Painting


What's the Story? This original painting of the Sandbanks Ferry is the 3rd in the series based around the history of Poole harbour. The painting depicts the 2nd Sandbanks ferry used during WWII alongside the 1st, both built by J. Samuel White & Co Ltd (Isle of Wight)  It was in public service at Sandbanks from 1952 to 1958, having a capacity of 8 cars; I've included a couple of iconic Ford Populars. The colour scheme of the ferry was obtained through research and guess work, Cunard had red and black funnels to hide rust and smoke deposits and the red stripe feature came from an article I read.

Artist Richard Watkin paints with acrylics in a simple graphical style, his latest collection celebrate the history of Poole and reflect his love of boats, planes and classic cars. The collection is available as a body of four paintings for a discounted price. Please contact us for more details. 

Richard paints with acrylics on a linen canvas and this piece is 50cm x 50cm. Varnished and ready to hang the painting wraps around the side/edge of the canvas therefore framing is optional. The painting is signed and dated by Richard. If you would like to see the painting before you buy we are happy for you to visit the studio. If you are able to collect from us then you can save on postage (excluding sale paintings) please contact us re payment.

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