MGY Commission


Before Robert instructed a commission of his lovely MG, he showed Richard a poem that he had written, all about living with an old car from yesteryear. Reading the poem brought back a long forgotten reminisce of a time when we bought our fuel in gallons and an attendant dispensed the fuel for you.

Today, of course self service is the norm just about everywhere. Indeed car manufacturers have put a sensor in the neck of the fuel pipe so that when the car's tank is full the fuel switches off automatically. The only sensor that old cars have is the driver's shoes. When they are splashed with petrol, that's when you know the tank is full.

With that in mind, it just seemed so fitting to depict the old MG in a setting that would have been the norm back when the car was new and you didn't have to worry about splashing petrol all over your new shoes. An attendant filling your car had the benefit for the motorist of having the windscreen cleaned, the tyre pressures checked as well as the oil dipstick and the water level in the radiator and all with a welcome smile.