Book - An Artist's View of Jurassic Dorset

Our first book featuring 30 of Dorset artist, Richard Watkin's paintings of the Jurassic Coast. One of Richard's earliest memories, was helping his Dad in his toy shop in Taunton in the 1960’s. He was surrounded by the enticing imagery on Airfix, Revell and Frog kits, with the promise of what was inside. This has influenced his painting style along with travel posters from the 30s, 40's and 50's, Art Deco typography, strong colours and distinct lines. The book includes a collection of his paintings completed over a six year period and explores his love of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and the stories behind his brushstrokes.

What's the story? - Follow Richard on a nostalgic journey along Dorset's Jurassic Coast, full of reflections and memories of his childhood journeys and Sunday outings - "The smell of the seaweed and ozone met us as soon as we alighted from the car carried by the south westerly breezes along the English Channel. The colour of the sky was deeper, and along with the contrasting of shades of wet and dry patches of beach and noise of the surf, our senses told us we were in for a day of fun". Through to present day with a new generation of the Watkin clan taking in the pleasures of the Jurassic Coast.

Would you like a signature? - If you would like Richard to sign the book and dedicate to someone special, or yourself,  just drop us a line with any specific details -  Contact us here >

The detail - Each page has a full size image and a little history on the area, as well Richard's personal reflections, along with old local Ordnance Survey maps. The book is A4 in size and printed in Dorset. The cost includes postage.

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