From Original Painting to Print

Who are we?
We are Richard and Judi Watkin, Richard is the artist and Judi is the web designer, marketing and sales administrator, accounts person, tea maker, critic and general all round helper/dogsbody!!

What we do
So what makes WatkinArt different from other artists creating vintage style prints? Well - all our prints are created from Richard's original paintings and not computer generated and we do all the printing ourselves. This means that not every line is perfectly straight, the colours are vibrant and earthy and each painting is unique with around 50 to 60 hrs of blood, sweat and tears put into each and everyone of them!  

Why we do our own printing - because we like to be in control!
After all Richard’s hard work slaving over a canvas we don’t want our images photoshopped to perfection. So, as soon as the paint is dry we take a photo and pop it onto the computer ready for printing. We don’t digitally enhance them in anyway; just make sure the colours are a true representation of the original painting. We like to see the texture of the canvas, the brush strokes, the highlights and lowlights. Look hard enough you can sometimes see tiny imperfections where Richard has made small adjustments to the painting depending on how the composition is coming together - after all nothing in life is perfect and we prefer things that way!

From original painting to print
We are very lucky to live in Dorset which is full of inspiration, we discuss which location we think would work (or sometimes people make suggestions) and then make a visit and take a selection of photos. Back in the studio, at the bottom of our garden, Richard will decide what the focus of the painting will be - a building, car, plane or to just allow the location to speak for itself. Often he will research the history of the location to help him decide.

Once he is happy Richard will create a composite image which is then drawn out on canvas and the painting begins. He uses acrylics because of the vibrant and deep colours he can create and the speed at which they dry and each painting will take approximately 50 to 60 hours to complete depending on the complexity.

When we are both happy with the painting we photograph it and begin printing using our brilliant Canon Pro1 Giclée printer. Richard then signs all the prints and we carefully pack them with a recycled grey board backing and cello bag ready to send to you.

Richard taking photos Painting in progress The finished painting Taking photo of finished painting  

We would love to see you
If you live near us we are always happy for you to pay us a visit and see Richard's work we also take part in local art and craft fairs. If you have any suggestions, queries then please contact us.


We have taken into consideration that you may not want to go to the expense of having your prints professionally framed (although they do look great when they are!) so have kept to standard sizes -

A4 Prints - 21cm x 29.7cm will fit 'off the shelf' A4 frames

A3 Prints - 29.7cm x 42cm will fit 'off the shelf' A3 frames, but check frame measurement first

50cm x 70cm Prints - which includes a small white border, will fit 'off the shelf' 50cm x 70cm frames

A6 Postcards - 148mm x 105mm will fit off the shelf frames if required

Calendars - These are A4 when folded, so easy to pop in the post as a pressie. Double A4 when opened and hanging